Get started with FirstVisit for as little as


At FirstVisit Software we offer our product on a customized subscription pricing model. The cost largely depends on the features implemented by an agency as well as the number of patients served monthly. Many of our customers can get started for as little as $99 per month. Please connect with us to discuss the current needs of your agency. A member of our caring team will gladly walk you through a complimentary demonstration and provide a quote.

$99/m includes the following features


  • Toggle between several different layouts
  • Custom cadence for recurring visits
  • Hours and Overtime monitoring
  • Live Attendance reporting
  • Caregiver Mobile App Access

Client Management

  • Upload most types of files for your clients
  • Build custom ADLs that can be completed on the mobile app
  • Build custom care plans
  • Visit history and automatic reports
  • Secure general client information, emergency contacts, and more!

Caregiver Management

  • Individual Employee Schedule Builder
  • Upload necessary documents for your caregiver
  • Skills and Qualifications tracking
  • Caregiver Mobile App
  • Time Management and Payroll

Mobile App

  • Free Mobile App available on the iOS and Google Play store
  • Access to schedule and ability to pick up open shifts
  • Ability to access client Care Documentation on the fly
  • ADL completion tracking per visit
  • EVV when clocking in and out of their visit


  • Time Clocking Alerts for Admins with their Caregivers
  • Shift Offer alerts for open shifts ready to be picked up
  • Skills and Qualifications alerts when they’re getting close to expiry
  • Admin alerts for each visit that is completed with ADL & visit summaries


  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with software vendors
  • Fully encrypted data both in transit and at rest
  • Anonymization of user data
  • Rolling nightly back-ups


  • Time Clocking reports
  • Caregiver Payroll reports
  • Client Invoice Generation
  • Expiring Qualification reports
  • Integration to Quickbooks Online for Payroll & Invoices


  • Integrated with Quickbooks Online for quick generation of Payroll and client invoices
  • Google Maps integration for EVV
  • More integrations coming soon!

And More!

We are constantly developing our product with our customers’ input. Please reach out to us and let us know which features you need!