A Caregiver Scheduling App So Easy To Use, Your Team Will Never Want To Go Back To Spreadsheets

Make sure everyone gets paid for the right hours and billed for the right services. With FirstVisit, caregivers always know where they need to be, how to get there and what they need to do. Without using a million Post-its.

Here’s How It Works

Curious what kind of alerts and notifications we send you? Find out more.

Review Administrative Dashboard

Take a quick peek at today’s schedule by reviewing your highlights. See which shifts are completed, which are in progress, which are upcoming and get notified if anything was missed.
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See Your Team’s Schedule

Need more information? Let’s dive into the full scheduling feature. Depending on your preference, you can view the schedule from either the client’s or caregiver’s perspective. All shifts are color-coded so you can easily spot what needs to be addressed first.

Create A New Shift With Ease

Once any scheduling fires are extinguished, you can start planning ahead for the next visits. Once you’ve picked your client, set the service type and hours. Shifts can have specific start and end times or they can be flexible, depending on everyone’s preference.

Even The Tricky Ones!

To save time, set up custom frequencies and complex recurrences to ensure your clients are completely covered for all the care they need. Need to schedule 24 visits that occur on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays? No problem!

Get A Shift Covered​

Do you have someone in mind for this visit? Quickly staff it from the dropdown bar. If not, you can send a push-notification shift offer to all – or just some – of your caregivers. You’ll get notified as soon as staff apply for it so you can simply approve it. No more manual one-off assignments.

Set Shift Rates

Now that your visit is staffed, let’s set the accounting variables. First, pick from service type. Then set your billing and payroll rates. Is this shift outside the caregiver’s typical job code? And on a statutory holiday? No problem, everything is completely customizable to how your agency operates.
FirstVisit agencies save 1 – 2 hours per day using our easy, flexible scheduling features.

FirstVisit agencies save 1 - 2 hours per day using our easy, flexible scheduling features.



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Scheduling Is Simple, Intuitive And Fast With FirstVisit’s
HIPAA-Compliant Scheduling Software

Scheduling is hard. And most home care platforms don’t offer what you need. Discover how FirstVisit can help you get care to clients who need it. Learn more today.

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With FirstVisit, Home Care Agencies

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

With complete flexibility and visibility into your operations, you can take a well-deserved break knowing things are under control. Or turn your focus to another area of your operations you want to improve.

Save Time

Making a schedule is one thing. Maintaining it is another. FirstVisit makes it easy and fast to do both even when you’re dealing with new hires, client turnover, statutory holidays and sick calls.

Provide Great Care

Building a schedule that works for your caregivers and clients is hard. We make it easy for you to focus on the big picture with shift offers, complex recurrences, scheduling alerts and more - all handled by FirstVisit.

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