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Get Paid Faster For Private Caregiver Invoices Than Pen And Paper

Get insights into how your agency is running with quick, easy reports at your fingertips.Created by a private duty agency owner, FirstVisit’s reporting software gets you all the information you need to manage accounting, scheduling, clients and caregivers. Whether you want to expand your business, improve quality or take a day off. Or even do all three.

Here’s How It Works

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Review Your Options​

FirstVisit’s reporting suite offers all the records and statements private duty agencies need to run their businesses. While our most popular reports relate to accounting: invoicing, payroll, revenue, timesheets and more – you can also choose from scheduling or caregiver management reports. Let’s take a look at Timesheets today.
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Set Your Timesheet Range​

Easily filter your data by your preferred range. See all your visits from that set, including no-shows, late clock-ins and early clock-outs. Review EVV distance, mileage, duration, start and end times at a glance for each shift.

Make Your Adjustments​

Quickly approve or reject timesheets with the click of a button. If something was missed, you can correct it before invoices and payroll go out. Did a caregiver pick up a shift at the last minute? Or perhaps you need to adjust clock-in and out times to fit your payroll rules.
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Add Notes​

Prevent miscommunication by adding optional notes about timesheet adjustments. If a caregiver has questions about their paycheck, anyone on your team can answer.

See What Else You Need To Know​

With timesheets approved and ready for payroll this Friday, take some time to review our other intuitive, helpful reports. Get ahead of expiring licenses by checking out the Expiring Qualifications report. Or turn your mind to next week’s schedule by checking out the Time Off statement.

FirstVisit has been the best change I’ve made in years to my business. It’s cut my administrative work by more than 50%.



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Explore Additional Features

Discover how private duty home care software, designed by an agency owner, can help you grow your business with confidence with:

Manage Home Care Payroll, Invoicing And Reporting
With Ease

With FirstVisit, you’ll always have the information you need to run your agency efficiently. Ready to never Ctrl + F your entire computer for a document again? Get started today.

Curious how FirstVisit’s reporting can take your business
to the next level?

Discover how Sonja Schreiner, Co-Owner and Director of Care delivers better care in less time using FirstVisit.

Explore Additional Features

Stay Organized

Who hasn’t scrambled to find the documents they need between file folders, shared drives and the back of their car? You’ll never waste time searching for the documents you need again with FirstVisit in place.

Grow With Confidence

Starting your agency takes experience, some seed funding and a lot of courage. But when it comes to growing, you need a 360 view of your operations. FirstVisit’s reporting suite helps you manage your team better, get paid faster and be more efficient with your resources.

Maintain Compliance

As a home care leader, you know everything about each visit inside and out. But auditors and state standards boards don’t. Easily monitor all your employees’ licenses and qualifications, double-check EVV at every payroll cycle or produce any caregiver documentation required.

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