Capture Everything
You Need To Know About Each Visit With Our EVV System

Designed to be compliant with every aspect of the 21st Century Cures Act, FirstVisit’s EVV dashboard captures everything home care leaders need to record, including:

With FirstVisit’s EVV Features,
Home Care Agencies:

Stay Compliant

FirstVisit’s EVV capabilities capture all the information agencies need to follow the 21st Century Cures Act - and easily report on it during an audit.

Bill Accurately

Get notified whenever caregivers clock in outside your set EVV distance so you can make any adjustments while the visit is still recent.

Improve Client Satisfaction

Say goodbye to time and location disputes with EVV on every caregiver’s mobile app. Easily verify any client or family member inquiries about visit accuracy.

Here’s How It Works

Set Your Range

Your FirstVisit Account Manager will help you set this up when you get started. Choose your preferred clock-in and clock-out distance settings – most agencies choose 0.1 miles as the maximum.
set your range
see caregivers clock in

See Caregivers Clock In

EVV is automatically enabled at every visit to client homes. When caregivers clock in through their mobile app, FirstVisit will verify if they are within the set distance of the client’s address.
see caregivers clock in

Get Notified

Is the caregiver’s clock-in or clock-out location out of range of the set maximum distance? The caregiver and manager will get notifications, thanks to FirstVisit’s alerts system. As former agency owners, we know clients sometimes need caregivers to run essential errands for them. So the system won’t prevent them from starting or stopping their shift even outside of distance boundaries.
get notified
review timesheets

Review Timesheets

Home care leaders can see clock-in and clock-out distance at a glance by reviewing timesheets in FirstVisit’s Reports. Quickly see how far each caregiver was from the client’s house when they started or ended their shift. Are there any outstanding discrepancies? Now is the time to look into them further.
review timesheets

The capabilities that the software has - make this system an almost a one-stop-shop in terms of keeping track of important client and employee files and data, scheduling, ADLs, and more!​

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Boost Compliance And Accuracy, All Within A Mobile App Your
Caregivers Will Love Using

With FirstVisit EVV’s system, you’ll never wonder if your caregivers are in the right place at the right time again. Get started today.

An EVV system can make your billing and payroll
more accurate - but how can you build better schedules in the first place?

Discover our top tips for creating better schedules at your home care agency.

With FirstVisit, Home Care Agencies

Schedule Better

Build your employee’s ideal schedule. Monitor their work capacity so you can match it whenever possible. Use their interests and soft skills to pair them with like-minded clients to help every visit go by a little faster.

Stay Organized

You’ll always be on top of any details relating to your caregivers’ employment. Whether you want to update their address after a move, update their hourly rate or find their schedule at a glance, FirstVisit covers the details while you handle the big picture.

Boost Compliance

FirstVisit keeps track of all your employees’ licenses and qualifications. You won’t be fumbling through file folders, email chains, and cloud drives for the proper documents at your next audit.

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