FirstVisit Software is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for private duty home care agencies. The software includes every feature home care agencies need to run their businesses, including scheduling, client management, caregiver management, reporting, EVV, alerts and a caregiver mobile app.

Every FirstVisit subscription includes hands-on comprehensive support. While most software platforms only offer a support hotline, chat or email support, every agency on FirstVisit gets personalized support from their Account Manager. 

Our #1 goal is to ensure your business is thriving. Your Account Manager will work with you to co-create solutions to any challenge you may face using FirstVisit.

Yes, every subscription to FirstVisit includes access for all of your caregivers to our simple, intuitive yet comprehensive mobile app. Using the mobile app, your team can get integrated directions to clients’ houses, review their history, get informed about the care plan, track and complete ADLs and see any relevant documents. 

They can also manage their schedules, request time off and receive push notification shift offers. And the best part? There’s no training at all required.

Learn more about the app on our features page and how it can help your agency provide better care with ease.

We’re always advancing and improving our software to make running a home care agency easier and more scalable than ever. Right now we’re working on building and releasing the following features for our customers:

  • AI-supported auto-scheduling to minimize manual shift entry
  • Support for multi-location agencies
  • Family portal to connect clients’ family members to their loved ones’ caregivers and agency administration
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant message between caregivers and administrators

FirstVisit uses industry best practices to keep every agency’s data secure and compliant.

At FirstVisit, we:

  • Adhere to HIPAA requirements and recommendations set forth by the US Department of Human and Health Services.
  • Perform nightly rolling back-ups
  • Encrypt data in-transit and at-rest
  • Anonymize user data
  • Require signed Business Associate Agreements with API Integration partners (available upon request)
  • Leverage secure, cloud-based hosting services to store all data locally for each agency
  • Empower agencies to control client information and ensure only the necessary personal health information is accessible for the fulfillment of services.

A copy of FirstVisit’s Information Security Policy can be provided upon request.

Thank you for your interest! We’d love to learn more about your agency and show you a no-commitment, hassle-free demo of the FirstVisit platform. You can book a date and time at your convenience here.

Onboarding is a little bit different for each client. If you have an agency that has between 5-50 clients, we can get you onboarded in a week. If it’s any larger than that, it can take a bit longer depending on quickly and easily you can gather all your client and caregiver information. If you leverage our quickbooks integration, we can get you up and running even faster by syncing your clients and employees to FirstVisit.

Looking for information on using FirstVisit? Discover our Customer Support Centre to find your answers fast or get in touch with your Account Manager today.

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