The software your home care business is using may be preventing your business from growing because it’s outdated. It may be comfortable since you are already used to it, and it may still be meeting some of your needs. But it may just not be good enough going forward.

The home care industry has grown rapidly in recent years due to a spike in the demand for home care services. The growing percentage of the aging population, and their desire to live at home, could be pushing the demand for home care to new heights. So too is the software industry helping agencies to provide excellent services to home care clients.

Without a proper and updated software, your home care business may not be able to tap into this trend and exploit its potential fully. And you don’t need to be an IT expert to tell that your company could do with an upgraded software. Here are 5 signs that you need to upgrade your home care software:

Difficult to find information

If you have to search in more than one place to compile some information or data, then you know it is time to upgrade your home care software. You need information at your fingertips to make quick and informed decisions, and process client data on the go. And the best place to find all your information should be on the dashboard for easy accessibility.

Your reports are no longer intuitive if your information is difficult to find. It is also a clear indication that you aren’t getting an accurate picture of your home care business since you are missing out on crucial pieces of information. For instance, billing could be quite challenging if you don’t have important information such as number of hours a service was rendered to a particular patient.

Hard to make simple changes

If the home care software you are using is no longer as customizable as it should be, and does not meet the growing needs of your home care business, then it is time to upgrade. You realize it devours lots of time and resources to make a simple change to the software, leaving your IT staff in frustration. It is time to embark on research for new solutions.

Software companies like Firstvisit Software Inc., work specifically to support the home care industry. Through regular customer feedback, they are aware of the specific challenges as well as the needs of a home care agency. The good thing with such software is that you can tweak it to fit your specific needs because it is customized for the home care sector.

This means that it would be pointless spending money to change your current outdated software system. Research on the available options, and one such option is keeping an eye out for software systems specifically customized for the home care sector. Such a software begins with the basics, giving you’re the flexibility to bend it to meet your particular needs at moment and in the future.

Systems become difficult to integrate

If your home care software systems don’t integrate easily, it could mean you can’t capture the information needed to make sound business decisions. This would be an indication that you need to upgrade the software systems for enhanced efficiency and decision-making process.

Good software should streamline your home care service processes, such as billing and invoicing, and keeping up-to-date records. The system should also integrate easily with other systems in your home care business, such as data capture. If, for example, you have to enter data manually from other programs, you are in for an upgrade.

The increasing demand for home care services means you should have updated software to meet all the needs of your clients. You also need to enhance your operations and improve your service delivery.

Lacks remote access

Can your staff access your software system remotely? If your employees can’t access the system on the go, or from remote locations, you need to upgrade it. It is the norm lately for people to work from home, or from their mobile devices. This increases productivity since the system is flexible enough to allow your employees to work from anywhere.

But if you have to be onsite to use the system, your productivity will likely take a hit. Your sales won’t be able to place orders on the go, and your employees won’t work from home when they aren’t feeling well. This would interrupt your service delivery, and drive your profits into the ground.

Your home care software needs to be accessible anytime anywhere so that your team never misses an opportunity to make sales. Also, remote capability means that your team will be able to reach more clients from different geographical locations since they won’t have to be onsite all the time.

Frequent complaints from staff

If your staff find problems using the software, or can’t use it at all, it would be a great disservice to your home care company. You will know your home care software requires an upgrade if your team keeps complaining about its usability. Frequent complaints about the system mean that your employees can’t work at their full potential.

Your home care business will lose its productivity because the software is making it difficult for employees to work. Processes such as capturing data and generating reports need to flow smoothly for efficient operations. But if they don’t, then you know it is time to upgrade the home care software system.

The last thing you want in your home care business is frequent complaints from your staff. It wouldn’t take long before your clients join the fray and beginning complaining as well. This is because they wouldn’t be receiving quality services because your system is frustrating your team.

Enhance service delivery by streamlining the operations at your home care business by upgrading the home care software systems to match your current and future needs. An updated system makes it easy to find information, integrate with other systems, and is flexible enough to be accessed from remote locations and on mobile devices. If you need more information or help on upgrading your home care software system, please contact us.

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