As a home care agency, you are probably evaluating various ways to make your scheduling system more efficient. One of the most preferred measures to ensure this outcome is to use home care scheduling software. Although most agencies have previously used traditional scheduling software, home care software is better as it has features that enhance your scheduling system along with saving you time and money.


Benefits of Home Care Scheduling Software

Compared with traditional or general scheduling software, home care scheduling software offers more benefits and features that you can utilize. For instance, you can use it to improve your operations and gain a competitive edge over your rivals. Below is a brief overview of the various reasons why you should use home care software.


Cost and affordability

One of the reasons most agencies preferred general scheduling software Homebase or Skedulo was their affordability. However, with the recent developments, home care software has become just as affordable. Software programs like FirstVisit cost more or less the same as any general scheduling software but offer a lot more features. With home care software, you will save money and resources.


More options and advanced features

One of the many reasons why home care software is a better option for agencies compared with other scheduling software is that it offers more features. Most general scheduling software lacks the advanced features to run home care operations. These advanced features give you better control of your agency and reduce the time you spend scheduling while ensuring all activities remain captured.


On the other hand, software specifically designed for home care agencies will have helpful features for agents, such as HIPAA compliance and storing important documents for both clients and employees. Software like FirstVisit offers you features that are more suitable for your business. They are also better than general scheduling software like Wheniwork, Homebase, and Skedulo.


Level of security

Home care scheduling software is an exact fit for home care agencies since it is specially designed for that task. Therefore, you can expect a level of security that other general scheduling software cannot offer. Most home care scheduling software has a security level that is HIPAA-compliant.

This means that your staff members can access your scheduling system without worrying about the data getting compromised. Also, you can rest assured that each time your staff enters an activity into the system, it will be captured and retained.


Home care scheduling software is the way forward for the home care industry. Consider investing in it now to take your business to the next level. When you compare FirstVisit with traditional scheduling software, FirstVisit leads the pack in terms of features and benefits offered.


This blog was written by FirstVisit in conjunction with The Briones Consulting Group. This group was established by Julio Briones who’s dedicated his professional life to helping and training home care agency owners. He uses his experience as a Director of Business Development for a national home company, corporate trainer and franchise consultant to create business success and growth for private duty agencies across the US.


FirstVisit is a home care software that offers many benefits. Its design fits the needs of a home care agency. The security features it has are HIPAA-compliant, which is very useful for your business. Most importantly, FirstVisit is just as affordable as general scheduling software. To learn more about FirstVisit, contact us and talk to our team.


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