Most Home Care Agencies use a software solution. The solution manages their daily operations in multiple services, such as Private Duty Nursing, Home Health, and Private Duty Non-Medical Personal Care. Tracking the processes in the different lines of operation is a tedious affair, and home care scheduling software comes in handy to provide the following benefits.

Saves Time 

Homecare scheduling software offers your agency solutions for the front and back office. These solutions place you a step ahead by injecting simplicity into your processes. Automation saves you and your personnel a lot of time you would have wasted on manual tasks.

Most homecare platforms try to cram many features to fit various businesses such as facilities and hospitals. This attempt to cast a wide net to capture all types of businesses, rather than customizing them to fit different businesses, means that agencies pay high premiums for features they don’t need.

Paperwork and Billing 

A Homecare scheduler eliminates tedious paperwork and manual billing. The software offers support for billers, schedulers, caregivers, and HR managers. The Smart scheduling features in the software allow you to schedule numerous personnel shifts with a single click of a button.

The schedulers often come with integrations that enable effective billing, EVV (Electronic Visit Verification). The automated timesheets also help you to keep an eye on all your caregivers.

Ensures Shifts are Covered 

A caregiver might back out of a shift due to illness or a family emergency. Manual scheduling means you start making frantic calls looking for an available caregiver. Scheduling software allows you to reach out to multiple caregivers with the open shift simultaneously.

Several caregivers can request to pick up a shift and it’s up to the scheduler to approve who gets assigned. FirstVisit will enable you to fill last-minute shift vacancies within a short time. It saves your agency’s reputation because an unassigned visit means clients would have inconveniences.

Match Your Clients With Compatible Caregivers 

With a software scheduler, you can ensure your clients get compatible caregivers depending on various factors such as certification, distance, availability, etc.

Once a caregiver matches a client, you can ensure the caregiver does a better job by furnishing them with all the relevant information on the client. The app gives the caregiver all the details needed for their next shift, such as client details, maps, tasks to do during the shift, etc.

Boost Caregiver Engagement 

Suppose the caregivers have to wait for you to schedule shifts manually. In that case, they might get tired of wasting precious time and look for jobs elsewhere. A more automated shift scheduling allows the caretakers to manage their shifts by accepting them as they become available on the app.

FirstVisit Home Care Scheduling Software 

Our software helps your agency to improve your scheduling. You can save time by automating tedious tasks. Going paperless allows you to eliminate manual shift scheduling, billing, invoicing, etc. The scheduler ensures you cover all shifts if a caregiver calls when absent. It also helps match clients with compatible caregivers and boosts caregivers’ engagement.

Contact us today and find out how FirstVisit creates efficiency in your home care scheduling.

This blog was written by FirstVisit in conjunction with Home Care Profit. Home Care Profit is a group run by Darnell Reid which is geared towards entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start, grow and profit in the home care industry. He’s an experienced home care agency owner who helps entrepreneurs all across the US through posts, webinars, and discussions on his facebook group as well as his podcast, The Home Care Insiders Secrets.

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