Once you get the hang of home care software, you will wonder how you lived without it. 

The convenience it offers is on another level. However, it would help if you were careful that you didn’t pay too much for the software. Especially if you’re not using half the features in the app. Head into the new year knowing you’re spending the correct amount of money on software that fits your particular needs.  Some of the signs you are overpaying for the home care software include:

1)    Features You Don’t Need

The best home care software customizes plans for all customers as their needs differ across agencies. No two agencies are alike. This customization means you only pay for what  is compatible with your business.

No firm can promise to offer you a customized home care plan without research. They need to grasp your goals, your operations, your current set-up, daily routine, etc. This grasping requires thorough commitment and study.

Ensure your provider knows your agency and its needs, your budget, and what you need the software to do. If they don’t, they will apply a one-size-fits-all software approach that does not suit your company and costs you a lot more than it should.


2)    No Updates

If your field staff or clients have to keep calling the agency office for updates, it is time to change providers. The latest software solutions have secure updates in real-time and online portals that everyone can access and get recent updates. The volatility reduces unnecessary phone calls from clients and loved ones.

3)    The Software Has No Mobile App

Tablets and smartphones allow you to access and exchange information across different channels. This ensures that your clients receive faster and more reliable care. If your software does not offer mobile technology  or a point of care app, you are paying too much.

It would be best if you upgraded to allow yourself to access information anytime and anywhere securely.

4)    The Software Does Not Use the Latest Technology

The rapid change in technology means home care delivery is also different. New technological solutions like digital task completion, automated reports, or digital signage have made servicing clients  more accessible, effective, and efficient. If your solution cannot keep up with advancement, you are paying too much.

5)    Poor Support Team

Excellent vendors provide good service. One of the most prevalent complaints among Homecare solutions is the overpriced training fees and poor customer care support. It becomes almost impossible to enjoy the solution’s full potential. You are paying too much if you call customer support and cannot talk to a real person.

6)    Downtime

It is usual for software to undergo downtime. However, if you experience a lot of downtimes, the payments you make are not worth it. If your software needs manual data backup, you experience human error while using it, storage issues, etc.,  you are paying too much.

FirstVisit Home Care Software

FirstVisit offers you a tailored niche solution and does not overcharge its clients. We also provide you with the latest in technological advances and updates. Visit our website for more information on the FirstVisit Home Care software.

This blog was written by FirstVisit in conjunction with Home Care Profit. Home Care Profit is a group run by Darnell Reid which is geared towards entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start, grow and profit in the home care industry. He’s an experienced home care agency owner who helps entrepreneurs all across the US through posts, webinars, and discussions on his facebook group as well as his podcast, The Home Care Insiders Secrets.





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