Indeed, everyone will need help with basic tasks at some point in their life. The reason is that going to appointments, cooking, cleaning, and shopping may not seem to be a big deal, but for elderly seniors, patients recovering from surgery, and individuals with chronic medical conditions, all that will be a challenge.

That is where a home care agency comes in handy because it helps people who require living assistance. On the other hand, these agencies have become lucrative business opportunities as the population continues to age. You also need to understand that the elderly will often have difficulties visiting medical facilities, yet they require a more patient-centric medium of healthcare.

For that reason, such individuals will often prefer access to personalized care from their healthcare providers, which is why a home care agency will prove an ideal option for them. So, if you are passionate about serving others, you are willing to provide individuals the support they need, and you are focusing on building a thriving business, you can consider starting a home care agency.

Here is some insight into the steps to starting a home care agency.


Define The Services You Intend to Provide

There are various types of home health care firms out there, ranging from nursing to companionship. In that case, offering specialized services will be a wise idea if you have a state license in a care field or specialized skills. However, homemaker and personal care are the services that most entrepreneurs seek to provide.

The reason, in part, is that most states do not require special licenses for homemaker and personal care services. It is also worth mentioning that this is one of the fastest-growing segments of the home care industry.


Evaluate The Total Cost

If you intend to go into any business without counting the cost before diving in, you are planning to fail. Cost is an aspect you cannot afford to overlook when starting a home care agency because it dictates how you will start and what you can expect in the future. Some of the expenses you need to budget for when starting a home care agency will go into;

  • Commercial Office Space – Setting up your base of operations is not an option in this case unless you plan to use your home as an office. As such, you need to lease, build, or rent the commercial property that will house your agency’s operations.
  • Regulations and Licensure – Getting certification and accreditation is also inevitable, and it will vary from one state to the other. Some of the criteria your entity needs to meet will include the patients you focus on, the nature of operations, and the services you provide. So, you need to contact or find resources at your state’s Department of health to understand the requirements.
  • Equipment and Software – When starting a home care agency, you need computers, specialized medical equipment, and patient management software, among other things. As such, you need to budget accordingly because the costs in this category can add up.

Note that you can establish any number of partnerships, a sole proprietorship, an S-Corp, or a limited liability corporation when starting a home care agency. That is the case since your business goals will dictate the kind of enterprise you should register. So, consulting a business planner or a Certified Public Accountant can help you determine the type of business license you should opt for.


Plan and Establish Your Entity

The next obligation on your part is writing a business plan, incorporate it, and obtain a federal employer identification number (EIN). You also need to identify your target market, define the type of care you will provide, outline how you intend to deliver your services, and specify your suite of services. You cannot afford to overlook any of these aspects as you plan to launch your home care agency.

Remember that a business plan serves as the roadmap that will inform every aspect of your operations. That implies that it will guide your daily activities from the onset and into the future. So, you need to have a strong business case to support your ideas when venturing into the home care industry. Otherwise, you will offer substandard services, or you will face the brunt of stiff competition.

Investing in technology is one of the things that can set your home care agency apart from the rest, and details on the solutions you hope to acquire should be part of your business plan.


Prepare to Launch

Hiring capable and qualified caregivers is critical because it directly impacts the success of your home care agency. So, over and above skill and experience, you also need to find out why particular applicants believe they are the best fit for the position you are hiring for. The right candidate should have the heart to serve others, and empathy and good communication skills will be an added advantage.

Note that the non-skilled professionals who will deliver basic care and the skilled personnel who will offer professional care within your home care agency will be the “money-makers” and the face of your entity. So, you should ensure that consistent, competent workers are constantly interacting with your clients if you want your home care agency to be a success.

Setting up a website and establishing referral relationships with long-term care agencies and local medics offices will also be a wise idea.


Launch and Learn

Once everything is set, you can launch your home care agency. After that, you should focus on improving service delivery to your clients by identifying inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and weak areas requiring your attention. Getting feedback from your clients will also prove beneficial because most of them will give you their honest opinion so you can act accordingly.

Additionally, attending seminars, engaging mentors in the home care field, and even researching online can inspire you to adopt new ideas that will promote the growth of your home care agency. All that begins by appreciating that learning is a continuous process and a necessity for every home care agency operator.



Starting a home care agency can turn out a successful venture if you invest with purpose in a business model that is a welcome idea to the community you are targeting. The details herein offer guidance on how to go about that. So, by adopting the steps above, you can set yourself up for success as you venture into the home care industry

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