Before, I wanted to keep my business small so I could keep up with it. I’m still old school and that doesn’t need to change, but now we’re looking to expand and add a group home to our portfolio. This wouldn’t have been possible without FirstVisit.



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Discover How FirstVisit Powers The Home Care Industry

All the programs you use, united in one platform. Created by a home care agency owner, FirstVisit offers everything you need to run a successful business – without the headache.
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Deliver Better Care With
The Best Home Care Software

There Are A Lot Of Private Duty Home Care Software Platforms Out There. But None Like FirstVisit. Agencies Using FirstVisit:

Why use 13 different programs when you only need one? FirstVisit offers home care organizations a simple but comprehensive platform that makes running your business a breeze. And you don’t need a Ph.D. to learn how to use it.
Your team saves time at every visit thanks to ADLs, mobile clock-in and care plans on the caregiver mobile app. And your admin team stays ahead of the chaos, with all the information they need available at a glance.
From effortless scheduling to efficient client management to professional billing. With FirstVisit, everyone stays on the same page.

Keep Your Caregivers, Clients And
Administrators Happy

With FirstVisit’s easy and intuitive private pay home care software, your entire team can focus on their most important work without stressing about tech support. And you’ll always have the insights you need to know things are running smoothly. FirstVisit makes your life easier and happier with :

Caregiver Mobile App

See why caregivers love our efficient and informative app – no training required!


What would you do if you could save 1 – 2 hours every day on scheduling? Expand your agency? Add new services? Or perhaps take a day off? We make this a reality.

Client Management

Boost client satisfaction and retention. FirstVisit helps you quickly accept new clients, staff their visits with the right caregivers and ensure they always receive the care they need.

Caregiver Management

Minimize disruption by staying up to date with caregiver software that keeps you up to date on your team’s availability, time-off requests and expiring qualifications.


Feel informed and in control with FirstVisit’s reporting suite. You’ll always know whether everyone is where they should be, when they should be there, doing what they should be.


You’ll breathe a sigh of relief during tax season with FirstVisit’s comprehensive reporting features.


Take your business to the next level by working with our integration partners.


Explore how we keep your most sensitive data secure and HIPAA-compliant.


FirstVisit’s EVV dashboard captures everything home care leaders need to record.

The capabilities that the software has made this system an almost a one-stop-shop in terms of keeping track of important client and employee files and data, scheduling, adls, and more!



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Getting Started With FirstVisit’s
Home Care Software Solution

Moving your agency’s operations onto FirstVisit’s platform is fast, easy and affordable. You’ll be assigned an Account Manager who will personally guide you through the entire process, even after you’re up and running. Here’s what you can expect:

Get Connected

Let’s get all of the information you need into FirstVisit: clients, caregivers, services, pricing and more. And we do it however it works best for you. You can manually enter each piece of data into the software or export it via a simple spreadsheet. We’ll help you the entire way.

Your Platform, Your Preferences

How do you like to run your business? Together, we’ll customize your settings and preferences to your agency’s unique needs. Overtime rules, service offerings, notifications and more – you don’t need to change how you work to use FirstVisit.

Become A FirstVisit Expert

FirstVisit is easy and intuitive to learn. Unlike other software platforms that require weeks to months of expensive, in-person training, FirstVisit agencies master it in just a few virtual sessions covering everything you need from scheduling, invoicing, intake, payroll and more.

Ready, Set, Go!

We get agencies using FirstVisit up and running fast, so they get the most value for their investment. Within a few days, you can invite caregivers to download the app (no training required!), make your first schedule, send invoices, and close your first payroll. Your Account Manager will be at your side to ensure everything is running smoothly. Even if it’s been a few months – or even years – since you first joined.

FirstVisit is user-friendly, easy to learn, and offers a variety of information and reports to manage my business all-in-one.




Get Started With
FirstVisit For As Little as

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to private duty software. Find the right plan for your business.

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A Note From Dan,
Founder And Ceo Of FirstVisit

Before I founded FirstVisit, I owned and operated an independent home care agency that grew five-fold in caregivers and clients over 4 years. Like you, I struggled to :

A Note From Dan,
Founder And Ceo Of Firstvisit

Before I founded FirstVisit, I owned and operated an independent home care agency that grew five-fold in caregivers and clients over 4 years. Like you, I struggled to :
Before I founded FirstVisit, I owned and operated an independent home care agency that grew five-fold in caregivers and clients over 4 years. Like you, I struggled to :
I tried home care software to relieve pressure on my team. And while it helped, it was clunky and complicated. Caregivers struggled to learn the program. Our back office was constantly emailing support.

I built several workarounds to make the software work better for us – so caregivers could learn it faster, we could intake clients more efficiently, and we wouldn’t need to rely on support so much. But given how much we were paying for it, I knew there had to be a better way.

So I created that missing piece – by creating FirstVisit. The most simple, efficient and intuitive home care software platform for private duty agencies.

Our mission is to be the most easy-to-use, affordable non-medical home care software. To support agency owners and their teams in doing their most important work – delivering life-changing care to their clients.

In the home care industry, we need to be reactive and agile. Your software should be too.

If you’re looking for a home care software provider who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes, you’ve found us.

Tired of using complicated and expensive home care management software?

Book a free, no strings attached 30 minute consultation. You will meet one of our Account Managers who’s interested in learning about how we our templates can help streamline your business!