FirstVisit Home Care Software Overview

From startups all the way to industry leaders, we provide an advanced scheduling solution to ensure the highest level of care is being provided to your clients while also taking care of all of the daily tasks involved in operating your home care business.

How We Help

Spend less time scheduling with pen and paper and outdated software solutions.

Our HIPAA-compliant cloud-based scheduling software offers full front and back-office solutions for your business, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve by bringing simplicity to the complex and rewarding world of private duty home care.

Eliminate paper aide logs and manual billing.

Our platform offers full support for Schedulers, Billers, HR Managers, and Caregivers. We provide smart scheduling features allowing you to schedule many shifts with just a click of a button. With integrations for quick and effective billing, as well as EVV and automated timesheets, it’s easy to always have an eye on your caregivers.

Case Study

How Eternity Sitters and More Cut Administrative Work by 50% with FirstVisit

Learn how Eternity Sitters and More uses FirstVisit to run their agency more efficiently with time-saving scheduling tools.



  • Toggle between several different layouts
  • Custom cadence for recurring visits
  • Hours and Overtime monitoring
  • Live Attendance reporting
  • Caregiver Mobile App Access

Client Management

  • Upload most types of files for your clients
  • Build custom ADLs that can be completed on the mobile app
  • Build custom care plans
  • Visit history and automatic reports
  • Secure general client information, emergency contacts, and more!

Caregiver Management

  • Individual Employee Schedule Builder
  • Upload necessary documents for your caregiver
  • Skills and Qualifications tracking
  • Caregiver Mobile App
  • Time Management and Payroll

Mobile App

  • Free Mobile App available on the iOS and Google Play store
  • Access to schedule and ability to pick up open shifts
  • Ability to access client Care Documentation on the fly
  • ADL completion tracking per visit
  • EVV when clocking in and out of their visit


  • Time Clocking Alerts for Admins with their Caregivers
  • Shift Offer alerts for open shifts ready to be picked up
  • Skills and Qualifications alerts when they’re getting close to expiry
  • Admin alerts for each visit that is completed with ADL & visit summaries


  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with software vendors
  • Fully encrypted data both in transit and at rest
  • Anonymization of user data
  • Rolling nightly back-ups


  • Time Clocking reports
  • Caregiver Payroll reports
  • Client Invoice Generation
  • Expiring Qualification reports
  • Integration to Quickbooks Online for Payroll & Invoices


  • Integrated with Quickbooks Online for quick generation of Payroll and client invoices
  • Google Maps integration for EVV
  • More integrations coming soon!

And More!

We are constantly developing our product with our customers’ input. Please reach out to us and let us know which features you need!

How It Works

Meet Our Team
Schedule a demo with our team to learn more about how FirstVisit can help support your private duty home care agency. We’ll help identify solutions to meet the challenges you face. If you come on board with FirstVisit, we will make sure to walk you through the set-up process and will continue to be here to support your efforts. Click on the following items to learn more about the steps we take together, to prepare you to easily use our software.
Import Data
When you use FirstVisit, our team will help you get started. We will collect all your Employee and Client data to import it into your account, while sharing our custom template for your use as you grow to include additional entries. We will help you along the way. It is easy to integrate this information with QuickBooks.
Review Preferences
Once we import your data, we apply your preferences to ensure you have the right settings configured to your account. We address everything including overtime rules, notifications, services, ADLs, and other important areas of operations.
Complete Training
Our team is happy when you’re happy. We provide as much training as you need to get your team comfortable with the FirstVisit platform. Training includes lessons on how to build schedules, how to review timesheets, how to run payroll reports, how to create invoices, how to use the mobile app, and much more!
Send Mobile App Invites
Once the schedule is posted, caregivers need to know when they’re scheduled to work, and what their tasks include! Through FirstVisit, you’re able to send mass invites to caregivers instructing them to download the app and log-in. From there, they can begin clocking in, completing tasks, and clocking out.
Begin Scheduling
When all your data is entered in your account, and you are familiar with the platform, we’ll work with you to get your first few schedules built. We will make sure that things are working smoothly and that your shifts are created as intended.
Review Time Punches
This step provides a great opportunity to review how your caregivers have been engaging with their tasks and following the new processes. Each time punch will have a record of their ADLs, notes, and time spent with the patient. Once all the punches are reviewed and approved, it’s time to process payroll and invoices for your patients.
Process Payroll and Invoices
Now that your caregivers have completed their visits, and a manager has reviewed and approved them, it’s time to create a payroll batch and export that data for your payroll system. Next, it’s time to create an invoice batch for all your patients which can be integrated and sent through QuickBooks, or manually downloaded and sent respectively to individual patients.

Why Choose Us

We Make Home Care Easy!

FirstVisit understands that there are many complicated aspects involved in operating a home care business, and the software you use daily should not add to that complexity. FirstVisit is a modern, easy-to-use, and reliable solution built by our team of people who value listening to our customers and adjusting to industry needs and demands.

Care Managers

Trusted Agencies

Daily Visits Scheduled

Clients Served

Happy Customers

Kimberley V.

Kimberley V.

Compassionate Keepers

Love Firstvisit! , Super easy to use and new features are introduced almost monthly!

Wade T.

Wade T.

Quality Home Care

Using FirstVisit over excel and paper logs to manage our business has been a game changer, very happy with our decision.

Ashley M.

Ashley M.

Dependable Home Care

Switching to FirstVisit from our older system was the best decision for our business, the product seems to always be evolving and the team is very supportive!

Take Your Agency To The Next Level.

Allow FirstVisit to streamline your day-to-day operations, so you can focus on growing your business!