Create schedules for your clients with a click of button

  • Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Calendars
  • Scheduling single visits
  • Scheduling repeating visits
  • Creating long-term schedules for clients
  • Visit history
  • Overtime prevention

Care Documentation

Maintain detailed records for clients

  • Client profiles
  • Care Plans
  • Daily activities (ADLS)
  • Custom ADLS
  • Submitted ADL Reports
  • Tracking skills and qualifications


Easy and automatic billing for clients

  • Hourly bill rates
  • Flat bill rates
  • Daily bill rates
  • Automatic Invoicing
  • Timesheet verification
  • Quickbooks Integration


Simplified payroll workflow for caregivers

  • Hourly pay rates
  • Daily pay rates
  • Flat pay rates
  • Timesheet verification


Keep a pulse on your business

  • Clock-in
  • Missed Clock-in
  • Late Clock-in
  • Early Clock-in
  • Upcoming license expiry
  • Submitted reports


Full detailed reporting

  • Billing reports
  • Payroll reports
  • Timesheet reports
  • Billing CSV reports
  • Payroll CSV reports
  • Timesheet CSV reports


Secure, reliable cloud-based solution

Are you HIPAA-compliant?

  • Yes, FirstVisit adheres to the recommendations set forth by the US Department of Human and Health Services.

How secure is my data?

  • FirstVisit has signed Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with software vendors.

  • Our data is fully encrypted both in transit and at rest

  • We anonymize user data

  • We perform rolling nightly backups

Take Your Agency To The Next Level

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