FirstVisit is built how home care software should be


FirstVisit is built with the most up to date technologies, enabling your agency to move with the times.


FirstVisit is built with simplicity as a primary focus which allows agencies to navigate through workflows quickly. The workflows in FirstVisit are able to be quickly learned in a few short days.


We understand that not all home care businesses operate their agencies the same way. With this in mind, we have created the ability to customize different aspects of the platform to better serve you.


FirstVisit is a cloud-based HIPAA Compliant platform and adheres to the recommendations set forth by the US Department of Human and Health Service. Our data is fully encrypted both in transit and at rest.

How We Got Started

In 2017, our founder, while operating his home care business, began looking for a new solution to replace the outdated non-user friendly software that was being used to manage his business. Upon doing months of research, he was shocked to see how limited the options in the market were. Our founder believed there was certainly something that could be done about this. This led to him reaching out to our chief technology officer to begin building a product that could improve efficiencies and simplicity for his own agency and others.

Dan Bofoya

Dan Bofoya

Founder, CEO

We Put Our Clients First

At FirstVisit, we put people first and are committed to ensuring our product is always meeting our clients’ expectations.

Take Your Agency To The Next Level

Allow FirstVisit to streamline your day to day, so you can focus on growing your business!